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Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform developed by Corplan helps navigate in the world of trading and investments in a most friendly way. Users can follow several stocks, specify signals, and apply models to generate the best scenario.

  • Compatible with all major operating systems.
  • Customizable application interface with various settings.
  • Preset parameters for machine On-premise solution.
  • Stock exchange integration for real-time stock quotes.
  • Filtering and screening lists of stocks for better results.

Cloud Platform by Corplan offers functionality that encompasses all typical trading actions and provide value added services based on On-premise solution and data enhancement.

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On-premise Solution

On-premise Solution provide the core functionality of Corplan. It offers intelligent approach to trading decisions, suggests traders the best opportunities for profit-making buy/sell trades.

  • Extended financial models based on big statistical data.
  • Different machine learning scenarios.
  • Cross-functional features for setting dependenicies.
  • Regular and timely alerts on best conditions for buy/sell.
  • Extended reporting to analyze the most successful data models.

On-premise Solution includes the 'learning' kernel that is capable to process multi-dimensional, statistical data in seconds. The excellent oppotunity is to learn with each new trade.

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Mobile App

The Mobile App offers excellent features for those who prefer trading with use of mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Corplan enhances trading experience with state-of-the-art mobile technologies.

  • iOS and Android versions.
  • Adaptive screens and graphs.
  • Good Internet connectivity.
  • Different skins applicable.
  • Easy-to-use interface.

Corplan continues development and improvement of functionality in response to users requirements and feedback that we collect from early adopters.

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Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform developed by Corplan helps navigate in the world of trading and investments in a most friendly way.

On-premise Solution

On-premise Solution employs self-learning algorithms which makes it better and more accurate with each new trade.

mobile application

Corplan offers excellent features for those who prefer trading with the use of mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.













Main services

Corplan is intended to make trading and investments as easy and friendly as you can imagine in your dreams.

Easy to customize

Apply pre-set scenarios and make taylor-made solution according to your own knowledge and experience.

Decision support

Enrich your technical analysis and process-based, trusted decisions through platform-based statistical research.

User friendly and informative

Empower your user experience with powerful and comprehensive built-in tools.

Machine learning

Process and refine huge statistical volume of data to figure out 'win' decisions with 90% or higher accuracy.

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More services

Along with basic functionality Corplan offers extended features and user customization for better trading opportunities.
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Corplan continues development and evolution all the time introducing newer features to satisfy extended demand from traders and investors.

Extended Corplan solution offers more signals and patterns to analyze stock quotes and make notifications. Traders can select from the list of typical trading signals that indicate trends in stock charts.

Corplan offers real-time user notifications based on pre-set system events or criteria. Notifications are sent to mobile devices, email, or in text messages.

On-premise Solution contains 'self-learning' kernel that constantly evolves and improves. You can also apply statistical historical data to make even better decisions.

Corplan offers connection to diverse stock exchanges enabling users to trade across markets. You can also apply proven trading models from one stock to another similar stock.

our rates

Discover the entire spectrum of opportunities with our taylored payment plans and rates.
$20 month
  • 1 signal
  • 10 pairs
  • 10 strategies
  • 5 decision models
  • 1 machine learning stream
$50 month
  • 3 signals
  • 30 pairs
  • 15 strategies
  • 10 decision models
  • 3 machine learning streams
$200 month
  • 10 signals
  • 100 pairs
  • 30 strategies
  • 30 decision models
  • 10 machine learning streams

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